Stimmgewalt and LucifersKat live at K17 Berlin

Stimmgewalt at K17 Berlin

Stimmgewalt at K17 Berlin

Berlin based HardChor STIMMGEWALT supported INLEGEND at their release show in Berlin on 31st January 2015. STIMMGEWALTs set included some of their own songs as well as cover songs, including RAMMSTEINs “Engel” and VAN CANTOs “Last Night of the Kings”. During aforementioned song fire dancer LucifersKat joined STIMMGEWALT on stage with her own interpretation of this RAMMSTEIN classic.

You can find more photos of STIMMGEWALT and LucifersKat in the gallery Stimmgewalt 31st January 2015.


LucifersKat at K17 Berlin